One dead and one injured in Texas motorcycle accident

A Texas woman is dead following a serious accident involving a motorcycle, a car and a pickup truck. The woman was a passenger on a motorcycle being driven by her husband when they were struck by the car and ejected from the bike. The husband was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital, where he was declared to be in serious condition.
The Texas motorcycle accident took place south of Farmersville at the intersection of State Highway 78 South and County Road 546. According to Trooper Thomas Anderson of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Highway Patrol Office, the motorcycle was traveling southbound on SH 78 when it collided with a car.
The crash occurred in the afternoon, when a Dodge Neon was waiting to turn on to CR 546 from northbound SH 78. A Ford F-350 pickup truck that was behind the Neon also wanted to turn in the same direction. The truck suddenly struck the car, pushing it into the southbound lanes of the highway and directly into the path of the motorcycle, which was not able to stop in time. The motorcycle collided with the car, ejecting the husband and wife.
The husband was airlifted to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was treated for life-threatening injuries, and the wife was declared dead at the scene. The driver and occupants of the Neon were also treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital. Police say that they do not plan to issue criminal charges against the pickup truck driver, who claims that he did not see the Neon until it was too late.

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