Study shows mo’ drinking mo’ divorce

A lot of research has been done over the years trying to explain the reasons for divorce in Columbus and across the country. While it is possible to pinpoint some crucial reasons, such as abuse or infidelity, there are a plethora of other circumstances that lead couples to break up. Often the decision to divorce is multifaceted, involving years of happenings instead of just one significant incident.

As researchers continue to learn more aboutĀ divorceĀ in our country, a recent study went deeper into the tie between marital splits and alcohol use. In the mid 1980s, researchers began asking nearly 20,000 married couples questions related to alcohol use and mental distress. There was follow up through the next 15 years, where researchers recorded which couples divorced.

The research shows that even couples who drink about the same have an elevated chance of divorce. The biggest finding was about the use of alcohol by women. Researchers noted that the chance of divorce tripled when a wife drank heavily and a husband’s drinking level was low. This outcome may be because heavy drinking is less tolerated in women than men, as well as a possibility that woman are more affected by alcohol intake than men. According to a researcher, “Perhaps the husband is more apt to leave the spouse than is the wife when major problems occur.”

Researchers say it is important to be aware of each other’s drinking patterns in order to understand whether a problem may arise in the future. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to predict whether a spouse will have a drinking problem that could affect the marriage. Though the decision to divorce is a difficult one, when drinking becomes an overwhelming burden in a relationship, it may be the best option for all involved.



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