Target facing premises liability claim

Target is a well-known retail chain, known for its clean atmosphere and well-lit stores in California and elsewhere. But how clean must a store actually be to avoid liability for injuries resulting on a business owner’s premises?

This is the question that a jury may end up deciding involving Target and a shopper who was injured during a slip-and-fall accident in one of their stores.

The incident occurred in 2009 when a woman slipped on what was apparently baby’s vomit. She filed a personal injury lawsuit against Target hoping to collect compensation for the personal injuries she sustained in the slip-and-fall accident. According to a news report, the woman injured her wrist, knee and some of her fingers.

Target recently filed a motion to dismiss the case because the floor was only soiled for seven minutes according to video surveillance of the incident.

However, the federal court judge disagreed. Even though he recognized that seven minutes is a relatively short period of time, the judge ruled that it was a matter for a jury to decide whether Target should be held responsible for failure to clean up the mess within those seven minutes.

Did the mother of the baby alert a store employee about the incident? Did store employees ignore the danger presented by having a slippery surface for shoppers to fall on? Were there warning signs placed near the area? How much time is too much for the store to fail to clean up the mess? Unless the case is settled out of court, these and many other questions will have to be addressed in this premises liability Ohio accident lawsuit against Target.



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