Wrongful death claims against Toyota are set to move forward

Many people in Georgia and across the country may recall several car accidents that occurred that were believed to be caused by a malfunction in certain Toyota vehicles. Toyota had issued a nationwide recall but several accidents, a few fatal, had already occurred.
Now the car company will be facing three separate federal trials in 2013 because of the sudden acceleration defect suspected to be in the vehicles. Two of the three lawsuits scheduled for that year have been brought about because of wrongful death suits, initiated by the families of the victims.
One of the wrongful death suits stems from two deaths that occurred after a vehicle, made by Toyota, began accelerating suddenly. The driver had been on an exit ramp when the car suddenly shot forward. Unable to stop even after trying to brake, the car slammed into a wall. The driver and a passenger were killed; two others were injured.
These trials are being used to determine whether additional lawsuits have standing and can be filed by others who were injured in sudden acceleration-related crashes. However at this point Toyota maintains that there is no real proof that there was a defect in the vehicle.
When a family loses a loved one because of another person or organization’s negligence, the impact can be far-reaching. Whether it is a drunk driving accident, a dangerous product or an unsafe premise, a death forces loved ones to deal with their grief while trying to determine how to move forward.
A wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit can help compensate the family for their loss while also holding the negligent party responsible.  Visit our website to learn more.

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